Tell me more: AOC Trial Court Accounting Services

Posted on March 29, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher has been the recipient of several anonymous messages asking both us and judges and court executive officers from around the state to “expose TCAS for what it is” 

Added: A tribute to those who will shuttle the new SEC committee out to their meetings.

We want to know more about TCAS – and think you will want to know more about TCAS too if you’re in the trial courts. These messages tell us that this hundred person AOC organization led by Curt Soderlund has the sole function to creatively part trust funds from trial courts. If this were standard accounting for trial courts, it seems to us that a whole lot less beancounters would be required to perform this mission of moving funds when necessary. However, the allegation is that this hundred person organization sits on their hands for most of the day billed entirely against court trust funds and enjoying two hour lunches because managing just one or a few siloed accounting codes each on some days, requires no effort at all to be expended towards performing your job because there is no work to do.

Other information coming into us anonymously says that the BSA should look into these accounting practices of siloing accounting codes to analysts with only a few key people knowing the whole picture. Yet other information indicates that in the past when certain analysts have compared notes, improper A/R or A/P was caught and the analysts were fired. Not just in this organization of the AOC – but in the finance department as well.

This all sounds like that funny math News 10 and Courthouse News found out about when they sent the information out to Karen Covel.

Tell us- What do you know about TCAS(S)?

Edited to add and hot off the presses courtesy of JusticeCalifornia is the new SEC committee who will be looking at AOC’s operations like they were a star in another constellation. Of particular interest to us is that Jody Patel, whose brainchild is TCAS(s) is leading this effort as a liason on behalf of the AOC. In our opinion, these operations of the AOC are administrative operations that should be subjected to workflow analysis and business process engineering by someone outside the branch.