AOC Southern Regional Office Regional Director Sheila Calabro announces her retirement

Posted on March 28, 2011


They’re dropping like flies! It’s time for some of that sweet dancing music.

Sheila Calabro, Regional Director for the Southern Regional Office, she who piloted the good ship CCMS into the rocks has chosen to retire effective June, 2011.

After fourty years with the California Court System, Bill Vickrey announced today the impending retirement of Ms. Calabro. While she may be remembered for the good she did for the branch, her cement shoes were the way she treated and managed her staff and her gross mismagament of what will inevitably be the worlds most expensive software program when/if it is rolled out some time in 2016.

On behalf of AOC and court employees everywhere,

Good Riddance! Enjoy your retirement PLEASE!

(jcw thanks FK for the fast breaking information..)

Breaking news courtesy of Courthouse Mouse

KQED’s news radio is having a forum discussion with Tani C-S tomorrow morning at 9AM. I believe they might also post a transcription of it on their
site, but they definently have an audio clip available after airing.

A forum discussion on KQED sometimes implies answering questions from forum participants that are calling in. (hint, hint..) 

By the wonders of internet technology we give to you the streaming audio from KQED and this morning’s Forum segment.