I am the eye in the sky – Our 100th Post – Your 1000th comment

Posted on March 27, 2011


Just. Wow.

Our 100th post. Your 1000th comment. All on the same day no less. Congratulations to blogger Nathaniel Woodhull for being the 1,000th commenter! In your own way, each of you that participates in this online community is not only getting things off your chest but each of you provides a valuable public service to the thousands of people that read this blog each week.

We would love more participants and towards that end, Michael Paul has generously offered JCW bloggers the “Yen Interactive Online Community Involvement Award” that comes with a $200.00 thank you check for the blogger achieving the 2,000th post here at JCW.

(note: To avoid any conflicts or user identification, our bloggers can also either assign the payment to the non-profit or other community benefit organization or charity or allow Yen to make a donation to the non-profit of Yen’s choice in the blogger’s name.)  

Get involved. Change your world. 

From the Oregon border, stretching into the legislative hallways of Sacramento, over into the AOC offices at NCRO, San Francisco and SRO, throughout the California court system all the way down to our border with Mexico  – your voice is heard loud and clear in ways you would never imagine. They’re just pretending they’re not listening. They do that lots.

Judicial Council Watcher is your eye in the sky, working with others to coordinate an effective, in-depth media response to the crisis in our judiciary. We could never do this work without your assistance.

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and CPA Karen Covel of San Diego:

“Why are they incapable of counting money and delivering the core services that they’re supposed to provide ?” (News10 San Diego)

CJA leadership – Tossing ethics aside to provide a disservice to the people of the State of California.