AOC’s concerted assault on AB1208

Posted on March 25, 2011


AB1208, the Calderon Trial Court Rights Act is under assault by the AOC’s in-house lobbyists who have been roaming the halls of the state legislature for weeks.

While trial court judges are getting judge stuff done in their respective courts, the JC is complaining about these same judges utilizing judicial branch resources during working hours to promote their legislation.

Meanwhile in the JC’s world of double standards, smoke, mirrors and doublespeak they are requesting that JC supporters do the same and assist the AOC in killing AB1208 in-committee. But wait, we’re not done yet.

Remember that California Judges Association survey that was to go out to judges across this state to gauge their support for SB1208? Earlier this month, CJA leaders formed a subcommittee of three judges.  Stephen White of Sacramento, Charles McCoy of Los Angeles and James Herman of Santa Barbara to work with CJA President Keith Davis on creating the survey.

Once the survey left this subcommittee of the CJA, the executive committee of the CJA chose to add a question at the behest of the Judicial Council /AOC supporters. That question, question number 4 on the survey is intended to negate any support for AB1208 by asking jurists to rate their level of agreement with respect to the proposition that judicial branch governance should remain within the judicial branch itself, and not become a function of external political processes.

This one question, which was never in the body of work of the subcommittee turned the survey on its end, permitting the CJA/AOC/JC to advocate the position that suits their interests. The fourth question permits JC to point and say “Our judges agree that branch governance should not be a legislative endeavor” when AB1208 would do exactly that. Most jurists would be willing to support both positions which suits the JC just fine.

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