Legislature pulls the plug on CCMS pending a real independent evaluation

Posted on March 18, 2011


  SACRAMENTO (CN) – An overwhelming majority of California legislators voted Thursday to pass a trailer bill that would hold judicial branch bureaucrats accountable for their spending on a $1.9 billion IT project. If an independent audit finds the project is beyond saving, a Republican legislator asked, will her colleagues have the nerve to “shut it down.”
      With a vote of 68 to 8, the state Assembly passed the bill requiring California’s judicial administration to retain an independent consultant who would review the project annually and report back to the legislature with its findings. The reports are required to point out deficiencies in the project and make recommendations on how to address them.
     The bill specifies that the computer system is not to be installed in any of the state’s 58 trial courts until the review is complete, though the Administrative Office of the Courts hopes to begin installing it as early as this summer. The balance of the article can be read here.

Here is a fitting tribute to CCMS

Added: Who were those voting against an independent evaluation?

Tim Donnelly, Rep, 59th Bakersfield

Linda Halderman, Rep, 29th, Fresno 

Brian Jones, Rep, 77th, Santee

Steve Knight, Rep, 36th, Palmdale

Allan Mansoor, Rep, 68th, Costa Mesa

Jeff Miller, Rep, 71st, Mission Viejo (Orange county and Riverside)

Mike Morrell, Rep, 63rd, Rancho Cucamonga

David Valadao, Rep, 30th, Hanford  <<<— The ONLY rep whose courthouse obtained federal stimulus funds because they went around the AOC to do it.