CCMS – A National Disgrace

Posted on March 13, 2011


Paul Elias, our local AP reporter put two stories up on the AP newswire covering the CCMS story. In turn, nearly every newspaper, television or radio website and websites licensed to carry AP material directly across the country has published one of two versions of that newswire story. Number of google hits on this story: 9,740.

We here at JCW commend Mr. Elias’s efforts to cover this story.   

Computer mess jeopardizes court’s political clout (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) 

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Kansas City Star

New York Times (subscription required/link removed)

Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Californa)

Judges Resist Plan to Unify Court System in California (Story located on “World Bad News” a sure bet you’re scraping bottom)