The ten billion dollar reality check for our legislature

Posted on March 8, 2011


By now, every state senator and assemblymember has been made aware of or have knowledge of the AOC’s construction, building maintenance and case management system programs. All together, these programs represent about 10 billion dollars in spending, they are all over the news and they sully the institution of the judiciary.

Made obvious by Mr. Child’s lobbying effort, the AOC has no intentions whatsoever to be bound by public contract code or any other fraud, waste, abuse or public corruption or whistleblower law you develop. Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal was entirely correct in her observations that the AOC leadership is challenging the legislature. I’ll go even further and say AOC management not only challenged them, they flipped them the bird.

Whistleblower laws were passed by our legislature to try to protect people and send a message to the AOC. The AOC flipped the legislature the bird by firing more whistleblowers. Some before the bill was signed into law, some afterwards.

The AOC looked at new whistleblower protections sort of like one might look at a small speed bump. The faster you go over it, the less you feel its impact. The message to our legislators?

Fuck off. We’re a co-equal branch of government. You can’t tell us what to do and if you try to pull any of that checks and balances shit, we’ll decry your efforts as being unconstitutional and blame you for inhibiting access to justice.  

We call on the state legislature to permanently dismantle both boondoggles and remove them from the hands of the AOC. Transfer all court building responsibilities to DGS and de-fund CCMS in accordance with Assemblymember Luis Alejo’s request. Since even that has a loophole one could float a supertanker through, all CCMS activity should be snuffed out pending a complete auditable independent analysis of both the cost and benefits as well as the underlying code of the system. Even the U.S. Air Force was realistic enough to choose to end the F-22 program because they couldn’t afford two high-end warplane production lines.

This state has even less resources and a smaller budget than the U.S. Air Force. It’s time to start asking yourselves why would you continue to trust them to build what is currently vaporware for an estimated deployed costs floating around three billion dollars when you can’t trust them to change a light bulb or empty an ash tray affordably.

Its time to end the gravy train. Its time to end these two programs at the AOC. It is also time to install a huge undulation instead of a speed bump on the issue of whistleblower protections. This way, when they go to speed up they lose their undercarriage, exhaust system, etc.

Take the whole process of judging ones’ self out of the picture and ensure the last stop for judicial branch whistleblowers is not the courts but an administrative law judge at the state personnel board empowered to make an award. They gave you the bird. It’s high time to recognize that hold them accountable.

Let us remind you about what the rest of the judicial branch, the public and the media is saying about CCMS.