The Legislature continues to strike back. Assemblymember Luis Alejo’s letter

Posted on March 5, 2011


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We’ve snuck Assemblymember Alejo, Fletcher and Samuel Chung into the hall of fame. The AOC has been disingenous and outright deceptive and dishonest about this program from day one to the recently released status report from one of the lipstick-on-a-pig committees that read like a 29 page sales brochure. Understand we’re not attacking the committee members. You’re all pawns for the most part, foisted out in public for the purpose of diffusing responsibility and trying to give a sinking ship CCMS a fighting chance. Your purpose is to justify the AOC continuing to load gold bricks on a rowboat for a trip up niagra falls. Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting on the shore laughing so that we don’t cry.

Here is assemblymember Luis Alejo’s letter.

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