AOC fiercely lobbies against fraud, waste, abuse and public corruption laws

Posted on March 1, 2011


The less obvious part of Pravda which is a combination of several pieces of the AOC that includes the Office of Governmental Affairs has contacted PJ’s and CEO’s across this state.

In a letter obtained by JCW, Curtis Child, the Director of the Office of Governmental Affairs urges PJ’s and CEO’s to contact the members of the Budget Conference Committee on SB 69, citing the dire consequences of the AOC being subjected to the Public Contract Code.

Mr Child explains in his plea for support “This means that for the remaining 7 projects authorized by SB 1732 and all 41 authorized by SB 1407, DGS would have to manage the bidding, enter into contracts for construction and manage the construction.  Additionally, DGS does not have authority for CM@Risk, so they would use the old design-bid-build method, resulting in increased costs, lower quality and good chance for claims litigation.  Additionally, the AOC has selected design firms for all the projects, but since we would not hold contracts for construction, we would likely have to assign those design contracts to DGS.”

Like that’s a bad thing? I bet the boys and girls at DGS wouldn’t be building any courthouses for $1910.00 per square foot or paying $409.00 for clock batteries.

Mr. Child goes on to explain that holding the AOC construction funds accountable to fraud, waste, abuse and public corruption laws will result in an unnecessary year delay in the creation of up to a hundred thousand jobs, projects will have to be canceled and that DGS Construction vs. AOC Construction will result in higher building operating costs and higher costs of ownership.

This is a claim from a government agency that spends more per square foot on building maintenance and operations than DGS does and gets less for it.

Mr. Child, I’m not buying your snake oil. What subjecting the construction funds to public contract code really means is the end of bid rigging, bid steering and bid shopping and construction kickbacks. It means a more open and transparent bidding process that will result in lower costs. It means that your contractors must be properly licensed and bonded and can’t go down to Home Depot and hire day laborers like they can now. Finally it means that the people who run the office of court corruption and malfeasance will have to pay much greater attention to design, instead of blowing it through so fast you end up with an overly expensive substandard building that rains indoors. (Sorry to pick on you East Contra Costa County Courthouse)