Digital Purgatory and the Hall of Fame and other notes

Posted on February 28, 2011


You might have noticed that I’ve been tweaking and adding pages to the site. I just remodeled the hall of fame and did a little work in Digital Purgatory, also known as the wall of shame. Please take a moment to periodically visit these two locations on this site and get familiar with the names. When I get the opportunity to add their photos, I’ll do that. 

Rather than me pick your worst drivers license photo or TMZ mugshot, if you happen to recognize your own name and have a favorite picture under 1 megabyte in size, preferably an even smaller thumbnail size please supply that picture.

If you happen to be in digital purgatory, don’t bother. We will select the worst photo you’ve ever taken because we’re helpful that way.

If you get a chance to thank someone in the hall of fame for their contributions, please do so. If you wish to send a subtle message to the people in digital purgatory, please go down to your nearest McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell, get a job application and send it to them.

Incidentally, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher (San Diego), though he has not yet made the hall of fame is someone we believe you should keep an eye on. He pulls no punches, says it like it is and is highly irritated by the AOC’s mismanagement,. Promising that the Assembly Committee on Accountability & Administrative Review will be paying special attention to the AOC this legislative year, we’re getting a gut feeling he will be the one who calls for a JLAC audit of the Office of Court Construction & Management.

JCW is recruiting!

JCW is recruiting valued intel agents across the state of california to work with. If you work in the AOC, any trial court or an area of state government or private sector that interfaces with the judicial branch we want to work directly with you to break and verify stories. This includes those willing to share intel from all sectors of the judiciary from the Supreme Court all the way down to the guy who changes $375.00 light bulbs.

JCW is also recruiting flash mob volunteers to pull off public relations stunts of a fun nature in various locations throughout the state. This is best for people who are members of a union, no longer work for the judicial branch, retirees and spouses of judicial branch employees and members of the general public. We might call upon you to break out in skit or song in a specific location and at a specific time to promote causes we support such as the trial courts rights act, the public contract code, the cessation/reevaluation of CCMS or to highlight issues with court construction & maintenance. While we might buy you lunch or provide a snack or drinks, these are unpaid positions we’re recruiting for to pull off an occasional flash mob stunt. Creative people are encouraged to join the flash mob team. You will be working directly with one of our sponsors.

NEW! Join the fight to dismantle and/or get the word out about “Pravda” and help the media help you!

DID YOU KNOW…that with every story released by any news organization that fails to portray the AOC or the Judicial Council in a favorable light, they will assign one or more people out of their media or communications group (affectionately known as PRAVDA) to hammer an editor or a news outlet owner If the media or communications group doesn’t do the trick, letters from the JC escalate the matter.  You will note that some media outlets won’t ever carry a negative story by one of their own. Others used to cover the AOC and the Judicial Council but the harassment becomes unbearable after awhile. We believe it is high time that people reconsider “Pravda” for a single spokesperson since “Pravda” costs the AOC about 10 million a year. Do your part to question editors as to why they don’t look into the many stories further and give them a heads up on “pravda”

Contact for more information.

One last point. You might notice that we try not to distinguish democrats from republicans in our fight for reforms. This is not a democratic or republican issue. These are all-partisan issues that affect every citizen in our state in some way.