Another fine example of Bill Vickrey’s gross mismanagement of the AOC

Posted on February 27, 2011


From the San Diego Union Tribune

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We’re disturbed because unspecified “court managers” as opposed to “aoc managers” are cited as looking the other way, so as usual, a local court and local court workers, who have nothing to do with any of this pay the price for Bill Vickrey’s gross mismanagement.

Mr. Wintermeyer can attest that, as a Director of Facilities, he never even knew or was made aware of how much jacobs was charging because as the director of facilities, he was outside of the approval loop that starts and ends in the Sacramento OCCM call center and CAFM that automatically spits out $500.00 service work orders. The issue with this is that each court has a budget and rather than have any discretion over his maintenance budget, it was all spent by automatic charges such as these listed here for San Diego.

This is only one of 58 courts in this state. More than 2/3rds of them use “Team Jacobs”

This is a current and ongoing problem and what is Mr. Bill doing? Trying to justify it all while extending their contracts for another 10 years.

Mr. Bill shouldn’t resign. Mr. Bill should be indicted.

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