Op-Ed: Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

Posted on February 25, 2011


This is an Op-Ed from JusticeCalifornia. As a minor housekeeping note, JCW will not be snoozing through tomorrow’s JC meeting in Sacramento but would like a report from anyone who does go. 🙂

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According to the posted agenda for the February 25, 2011 Judicial Council meeting, a three-plus hour Judicial Council presentation on CCMS will take place tomorrow.  Based on past presentations, I expect that this is going to be a propaganda-fest extraordinaire, designed to justify the Judicial Council /AOC $3,000,000,000 CCMS boondoggle and convince all present that the CCMS is just fine, great, terrific in fact. 

I am reminded of the first Judicial Council meeting I listened to, namely the December 1, 2006 meeting.  The Judicial Council, members of the legislature, the press and the public were presented with a new Trust and Confidence report and DVD of focus group video clips, and enthusiastically assured by top leadership that the public had a wonderful opinion of the branch, and judges in particular.

To place tomorrow’s CCMS presentation in perspective, let’s take a little trip down memory lane, back to 2006.

http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/jc/documents/age120106.pdf   (Judicial Council Agenda for 12/1/06 meeting –see item 9)

http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/jc/documents/reports/120106item9.pdf  (Judicial Council Trust and Confidence Report for 12/1/06 Judicial Council Meeting  — presented by Huffman, Vickrey, Kann,  Bolotte)

A review and analysis of the underlying 2005 draft and final Trust and Confidence reports, 2006 report, video clips, and other data on the California Courts website, reveals that the 12/1/06 presentation was terrifically misleading.  Worse, the focus groups subject of the enthusiastic presentation to the Judicial Council, legislative members, press and the public had been conducted with patent disregard for proper focus group protocol as set forth in a prior Judicial Council report about how to conduct focus groups. In 2009 this troubling information about top leadership’s inability to accurately self-monitor and report (including fathers’ and mothers’ advocates describing similar problematic behavior with respect to the Elkins Task Force and related focus groups) was presented to key members of the legislature and others in an April 15, 2009 JusticeCalifornia bulletin that included links to relevant documents and video referenced.

The April 15, 2009 JusticeCalifornia bulletin can be found here.

Regards, JusticeCalifornia