Lawmakers to Chief Justice – Fire Bill Vickery

Posted on February 24, 2011


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NEW – Judge Horan – California’s CCMS Boondoggle is but a symptom

NEW- (Courthouse News) Ca Legislators call on Chief Justice to fire administrative head

Democratic Assembly members Ricardo Lara and Bonnie Lowenthal sent a harshly worded letter today to California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye urging her to replace Administrative Director of the Courts William Vickrey.

“Under Mr. Vickrey’s leadership, the projected cost of a statewide court case management system (CCMS) has ballooned from $260 million in 2004 to $1.9 billion, and counting, today,” Lara and Lowenthal say in the letter, which was obtained by the Press-Telegram.


This is the comment I enjoyed most because we participants here at JCW have been chiming in on this for awhile now……

“We believe your tenure as Chief Justice and the esteem of California’s courts may rely on your willingness to make the pruning necessary to restore trust between the branches, their employees, and the public they serve,” the Assembly members say.

Imagine…… holding someone accountable at the AOC. Many of us still live to see the day.

Oh, there is this too…. so much juicy goodness!

“Mr. Vickrey’s bewildering dismissal of sound advice has resulted in the kind of debacle that, in any other setting, already would have resulted in termination,” the letter concludes. “The fact that news of his staggering mismanagement comes during a deep budget crisis only underscores the need for his departure.”

If you happen to need a little help from judicial branch employees on whom else you should replace to start to gain some respect here is the guide.

Our poll asking you if the leadership of the AOC should be replaced is indicating 96.5% of respondents believe Executive Director Bill Vickery should be replaced.

90% of respondents say axe Bill Vickery and Ron Overholt

70% Now 73% of respondents say axe Vickery, Overholt and most, if not all of the AOC board of directors

20% Now 23%  26% 28.5% of respondents say axe the entire AOC management team, including assistant directors and senior managers

3.5 percent of respondents say axe everyone at the AOC and make everyone re-apply for their jobs.

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