Just for the record – There is nothing wrong with AOC Management

Posted on February 22, 2011


….and if there is nothing wrong with AOC management then all the problems must stem from much higher up the food chain, like the Office of the Chief Justice.

An article published by Cheryl Miller appeared in the recorder today labeled Time for a judicial branch reboot?  and poses many of the questions brought up in this blog. In her article she writes

“Whether those critics can agree on what to do about CCMS — and what to do about judicial branch management — are other questions. Employee groups want CCMS shelved and funding redirected to ensure an end to furloughs and layoffs. Some judges want to democratize the Judicial Council, rather than having the chief justice appoint most of the voting members, a move they say would make the body more accountable. Still others want to shrink the AOC’s size and power while shifting more decision-making authority to the local courts.”

How about all of the above? That’s just for starters. Then we have this little gem..

“But the chief justice also challenged critics who want her to make more sweeping changes to branch management.

“To me, that isn’t about taking the auditor’s report seriously,” she said.”

The auditors report speaks directly to mismanagement, deceit and gross negligence on behalf of the management responsible for this project.

While it may not “seem to you” that this has anything to do with taking the audit report seriously, then it “seems to me” you would have never changed the project management of the project if it didn’t have everything to do with taking this report seriously. 

What you refuse to do, just like your predecessor King George, is hold anyone accountable for anything except those who highlight the issues and are dumb enough to bring them to your attention.

Congratulations on writing your ticket to being one of the shortest serving chief justices in California history and nominating yourself to the wall of shame.