Breaking up the AOC into pieces?

Posted on February 20, 2011


Wouldn’t it be amazing if open discussions on a few blog entries resulted in a consensus that solved most of the judicial branch’s most serious problems….

The concept of managing AOC oversight is a challenge when you consider it is an administrative office of the judicial council. That sentiment seemed to be expressed in a recent poll where we described the relationship between the judicial council and the AOC and then asked where to break off the AOC appendage to achieve transparency, accountability and oversight.

Some insisted on separating the AOC from the judicial council itself and putting the regulations only on the AOC. I thought it to be a good question (where do you snap off to achieve transparency and accountability) to establish what I knew would be a substantial challenge to some. 

The second idea I have heard floated around and I tossed on the table was breaking up the AOC. In this suggestion, the entire office of court construction and management and all courthouses are moved over to the department of general services. Instantly, that places all facilities and projects under public contract code and would likely lead to a significant decrease in AOC employment of approximately 400+ persons. While some positions would move to DGS others would be eliminated. Another move would take all court software technology programs and spin them off to the department of technology services. This would be a broad hit on AOC consultants and employees of about 150 people. Yet another move would abandon the HR department for the state department of personnel administration. Between all three moves, the AOC would be right-sized to less than half its current strength. The AOC and Judicial Council can focus on judge stuff and it would be out of the boondoggle business.

Note: Comments in polls are not showing up. “Other” as denoted in this poll is…. um…. best described as an incomplete offer of sex….