Paula Negley vs. Judicial Council & AOC – Federal Docket 10-16551

Posted on February 19, 2011



Paula Negley has filed an appellate brief on her own behalf with the 9th circuit court of appeals. It makes for some interesting reading for people concerned about AOC’s treatment of employees .

Incidentally, our poll asking you if the leadership of the AOC should be replaced is indicating 96.5% of respondents believe Executive Director Bill Vickery should be replaced.

90% of respondents say axe Bill Vickery and Ron Overholt

70% Now 73% of respondents say axe Vickery, Overholt and most, if not all of the AOC board of directors

20% Now 23%  26% of respondents say axe the entire AOC management team, including assistant directors and senior managers

3.5 percent of respondents say axe everyone at the AOC and make everyone re-apply for their jobs.

A special bonus: Deposition of Mr. Ernesto Fuentes

FuentesDepositionVolume1 (2)

Behind door number 3 we have the deposition of Lura Franzella

AOC Manager Lura Franzella – due to formatting issues this document is difficult to read