A prominent L.A. Judge calls for a change of leadership at the AOC

Posted on February 16, 2011


SAN FRANCISCO (Courthouse News) – A prominent judge in Los Angeles on Monday called in the clearest terms yet for the departure of the head of California’s powerful court administrative agency William Vickrey, in the wake of a deepening scandal over its billion-dollar deal with a private consultant for the development of a troubled technical system. In a 6-page letter, Judge Stephen Czuleger questioned the honesty and competence of the agency run by Vickrey and accused it of running a double set of books.

Dear readers,

If the allegations being made to me have merit, CCMS isn’t the only program operating off of two sets of books. How many more judges are going to come forward and call for a change of leadership so that the judicial branch may begin to get its house in order? If anyone needs a slap of reality to assist them, look towards Sacramento. If the judicial branch cannot get its house in order itself, it will have order imposed upon it via the purse strings.