I think it’s fair to state CCMS is now a 3 billion dollar boondoggle

Posted on February 15, 2011


Based on JCW’s observations of the hearing, in todays austere budget times where local, county and state agencies are all looking for two nickels to rub together that it is entirely fair to state that the real costs of CCMS are somewhere north of 3 billion dollars. This factors in migration costs and justice partner costs as that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Left completely off the CCMS table were other very significant costs of beefing up the infrastructure between courts and between the CCTC that should just about triple (or more) everyones’ current internet pipeline costs based on the one location model.

Our legislature asked responsible questions and made responsible points and to his credit, Justice Bruniers convinced me that he was taking this bull by the horns. As to if he is willing to stop grabbing the other end of the bull remains to be seen. Mr. Vickery was less convincing and his typical blowhard self, albeit a bit more contrite than in the past. One of the things I took away, something that every reader should ponder is the epic failure of management that spanned many, many years. People were telling Mr. Vickery that his titanic was headed for an ice floe caused by poor project management in 2004. He did nothing. Now he is being told this about his construction programs. He is ignoring that as well. He will wait for a JLAC audit of OCCM before he feigns he did not know of these problems while they festered for years. Meanwhile, your money is gone forever. But what is 300 million here, 400 million there? Why does this person not stand up, take ownership of all of these epic failures and retire or resign?

It is because the judicial branch defers to their highest ranking people and the serfs below them have no viable opinion. If one simply looks at the AOC’s Personnel Policies and Procedures, there is zero path from any employee in the AOC to Mr. Bill or his sidekick tonto. Only directors may address them unless the communications is initiated in the opposite direction. Anything outside of that is grounds for discipline for not following personnel policies and procedures. Where some companies and government agencies have an open door policy, the 5th floor is locked away like it was fort knox. They do not want to know anything that isn’t supporting their opinion, no matter what the subject is.

This epic failure of management, an epic failure of transparency amongst AOC employees, an epic failure of accountability in answering to employees why things they are the way they are and lastly an epic failure in all of the AOC’s governance is ample reason to ask for new leadership at the AOC. Elaine Howle asked about this “multi-faceted” oversight of AOC-IS employees on this project with a “Show us an example”. The bottom line is that if anyone is critical of the project at the AOC, they are gone. The “put the money in the bag” cartoon referenced “administrative segregation” for AOC’ers that don’t tow the party line. Plain English – people are fired for doing anything but putting a rubber stamp of approval on any and all of the upper managements screwed up ideas, bar none.

This all comes from the person who ostensibly leads California’s judicial branch today. How much longer he will lead it is a question for the judiciary. But the public is rapidly losing trust and confidence in California’s judicial branch and it isn’t the likes of me that is the cause. It stems from mismanagement of just about everything. And all that mismanagement has one name at the top of the letterhead and it says “Executive Director”


I’m not sure why poll comments are not showing up but the “other” option chosen here thus far says “axe the entire AOC and make everyone re-apply”