A new way to participate…..post and comment ratings

Posted on February 14, 2011


Due to the sensitive nature of the judiciary, thousands of people read this site every day yet a precious few actually post. We suspect this has to do with the whole judicial branch itself lacking freedom of speech. That and we wouldn’t want people’s comments to come back and haunt them so they probably would rather enjoy the fireworks than be a part of them.

In an effort to garner more participation from readers, I’ve turned on post ratings and comment ratings. We’ve gotten feedback where some would tell us “THAT was a righteous post but there is no way I am going to tell you that in a thread and have it possibly traced back to me” So we figured out an alternative we hope will garner some thoughtfully honest participation from viewers like yourself where your support or disagreement can’t be traced through an abuse of power, discretion and legal process and turned on ratings. If I get the feeling these ratings are being manipulated by the death star in San Francisco I’ll shut them down. In the meantime, enjoy.

One last bit of housekeeping: Did you know that unlike AOC watcher which only permitted one to comment on a thread for thirty days, here at Judicial Council watcher you can comment on a thread that is a year old. Rather than deploy a fancy forum, we’ve maximized the flexibility of the blog platform to emulate many of the features of a forum.

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