Questions for Justice Bruniers and Mark Moore regarding CCMS

Posted on February 10, 2011


The latest release date for CCMS is April, so I am a little perplexed how you are allegedly currently rolling out CCMS to early adopter courts now when you don’t have a functional product. How many of the 800 uncorrected coding errors identified by the JLAC audit in December will be in the completed version? My experience is when one goes to fix one error it is easy to introduce one or more additional errors. So when you put the audit information together with AOC information, it appears you will be rolling out a broken product to guinea pig courts to see how much they squeal.

April 2011 is the latest rolled back release deadline for CCMS that has followed at least a half-dozen other announced and rolled back release dates spanning all the way back to 2005. To borrow a line from the “case mismanagement” video, at what point do you stop dumping the public’s money in the CCMS slot machine? As it stands now, your amortized payback on just the application alone (minus all the major infrastructure improvements required to actually get it reasonably close to working the way you envision) is 24 years.

This excludes expanded telecom needs everywhere that runs the application, additional networking equipment, the very expensive monthly line charges and ongoing vendor support (since this application will marry you permanently to Deloitte)

Are you willing to say that if it isn’t ready for prime-time in April, if the 800 identified coding errors aren’t all fixed, you are willing to pull the plug on this project? You have given this project 5 years worth of extensions. At what point is it a good idea to pull the plug on this project? What milestones must not be achieved for you to admit failure and move on? As was so aptly pointed out previously, Boeing designed and built the Dreamliner aircraft in less time than you have spent on CCMS and if you think CCMS software is complicated, try the software written by Sundstrand for the Dreamliner. Microsoft has written about a dozen server and client operating systems in the time you have spent on ccms. At what point is enough, enough?