Court roll call

Posted on February 8, 2011

The readership of this blog jumps erratically between hundreds and thousands of readers daily. So far, I know that this blog is read by members of the San Diego Courts, members of the Contra Costa Courts, members of the San Francisco courts, Marin Courts, the LA County courts and a large percentage of the employees at the AOC. I know this from talking to people. What I don’t know is the stretch of this blog to other courts and court employees. This blog is not purely about the judicial council/aoc but how we might be able to improve our courts and better protect all employees from San Francisco’s pipe dreams and outright fraud, waste and abuse that is costing them their jobs.

So that we may better target non-participating courts, I’d like to have a roll call of courts that read this blog. If you are from a court not listed above, feel free to chime in with your county name as your poster name and anything as an email address. Alternatively, drop me a note in the private, secure message window.

One last thing: Our xtranormal AOC Saturday Morning Cartoons will be a regular feature. While only 30 people would read the thread “Cartoon Time” 160 people have viewed both versions of the cartoon.

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