And the Judicial Council / AOC’s mad grab for power continues…

Posted on February 5, 2011


The thought of having an elected head of your local court is appalling to Mr. Bill. Someone that is accountable to the voters being in charge of the local courts? This simply will not do!

The latest proposal from the Judicial Council is a rule change that takes the power away from he who is elected and gives it to he who is not elected. Of course, part of this is to justify some of the outrageous salaries that are being paid to the newest wave of court execs, who make more than any presiding judge. The other part would place these statewide court execs in a position to execute on AOC’s policy. It’s a lot easier to convince a single court exec of what they should do than it is to convince a group of judges about what they should do. After the Judicial Council / AOC went to great lengths to get the right court execs into the right courts, it’s now time to make them bulletproof and accountable to no one but the AOC.

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