SEIU – Forge a statewide alliance to stop fraud, waste and abuse in California’s government

Posted on February 3, 2011


Statewide, I’ve noticed that the Service Employees International Union has web pages that call out and encourage the reporting of fraud, waste and abuse in government. In Santa Clara, the local union manages a similar fraud waste and abuse site, is calling for transparency in the 900 employee/120 million dollar budget of the Santa Clara County courts.

I’m going the extra mile and demanding accountability.

I call on my friends, brothers, sisters and fellow california citizens in SEIU to step up to the plate and unify their fraud, waste and abuse effort in government in an aggressive statewide coordinated campaign – not just a campaign against individual courts before or during collective bargaining. The state wastewatchers site has been shut down. The office of the inspector general has been eliminated. There is ample waste in goverment to save SEIU jobs and stop furloughs – particularly in the judicial branch. Problematic is that the whistleblower protections granted AOC and court employees offers no protection to them.

The SPB still won’t hear their cases claiming they don’t give advisory opinions and have no jurisdiction over the judicial branch in spite of last years whistleblower protection laws. So the final arbiter of such decisions remains with the hiring body, which is no whistleblower protection at all. Finally, judicial branch employees must seek redress for their complaints in the same courts that employ them. While judicial branch workers across the board understand the concept of an independent judiciary, they do not understand one set of laws for them and another set of laws for everyone else and suggest that the final arbiter of all causes of action be the state personnel board so that your members have a level playing field.