Tell Me More: The OCCM “Ghost Fleet” of Enterprise rental cars

Posted on January 29, 2011


In the paper this morning I saw a note that Jerry Brown has ordered the states government fleet of cars halved.

In my private message window this morning is an anonymous entry mentioning a “Ghost Fleet” of Enterprise Rental Cars utilized by the Facilities Management Unit Maintenance Administrators of the Office of Court Counstruction & Management going on for years that permits OCCM people to avoid the take-home rules on state vehicles (because they are rental cars) and avoids any purchases of state vehicles – even though OCCM ownership of state vehicles would be far more economical.

Apparently, paying for a ghost fleet of rental cars keeps the matter off everyone’s radar…..

What do you think about AOC’s “Ghost Fleet”? Can you tell me more about it?

To clarify: This is not “normal” car rental. This is car rental by the month, for years at a time. (Around $700.00 per month for a compact car… the larger the vehicle, the more expensive it is…excluding CDW and taxes…) The Facilities Maintenance Administrators are the representatives of the AOC who interface with the local courts and consist of those employed by the AOC and additional admins employed by AppleOne.

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