The honeymoon is over….

Posted on January 28, 2011


With the recent actions and editorials of the Alliance of California Judges, it appears that whatever perceived honeymoon there was with mini-mimi is over and the gloves are back on in the fight for the hearts and minds of Californians and for a little common sense that seems to elude those people in San Francisco.

JCW welcomes the ACJ back to the good fight for local control and local autonomy of the trial courts. To paraphrase Ross Perot, ‘that giant sucking sound’ coming from San Francisco is what previously kept the court doors open locally while those in San Francisco have made no effort to share the pain.

Well unless you count the AOC asking everyone outside of the AOC to give up 5% of their pay so 80 top bureaucrats at the AOC could get pay raises, which grinded morale in the AOC’s ‘not good enough’ ranks and led to the recent 3.5% raises for the other 80% of workers.

In most private companies, the CEO would have been ousted for such a thing.

What’s not apparent is the AOC’s pervasive hiring binge that doesn’t stop at 18 future deloitte in-house consultants but extends into hiring binges for other IS personnel, a hiring binge for the grossly mismanaged OCCM and more attorneys for the AOC (as they didn’t have enough already)

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