An all out assault on the judicial branch’s budget?

Posted on January 28, 2011


First, Jerry Brown recommended 200 million in cuts. Second, the LAO indicated that the AOC is collecting far more in their various funds than they previously anticipated and upped the ante to a possible 356 million. The Alliance of California Judges is saying kill the 128 million hijacked for CCMS (and the rest of the program) while the California Judges Association says they like and want the system, seemingly even if it comes at the expense of the local courts. While I will refrain from suggesting that if the CJA wants the system, they should break out their personal checkbooks to pay for it, what is evident is that there is an all out assault over cuts everyone should have known were coming down the pipeline.

Unfortunately Article VI still gives the judicial council the authority to allocate this budget.

Unless the legislature acts to divert the construction funds for trial court operations and takes some action on the issue of CCMS it appears there will be more layoffs at the trial court level because we know where the Judicial Council / AOC’s loyalties lie. Preserving their own bloated bureaucracy that has bitten off far more than they can chew.

Do you have an idea that can save the judicial branch money? If so, please post to this thread the details, the estimated costs and the estimated savings.