CCMS – A publicly financed state intelligence gathering network?

Posted on January 27, 2011


In the days of AOC Watcher, many questioned the need to have a statewide case management system to manage cases in the local courts. For quite awhile, I too questioned the need for a complete set of centralized records that might span every allegation made against any individual of a civil or criminal nature and all court actions and papers that spans a persons life history and the currently stated goals of permitting courts to sell some, if not all of those records.

Other incidental information came to light, such as a trip the chief and Calabro took to Washington D.C. to sell DHS their CCMS wares and seek federal funding for. When I heard this, I began to ask myself what did they have to sell?

What they have to sell is your legal life history all bundled up in one little package under the auspices of “Case Management”. Why privacy wonks are not all over this for permitting the state to even build a centralized intelligence gathering network of computers is beyond my comprehension but it should be of grave concern to every citizen that the thought of anything but a conviction or a judgement being centrally collected and available for sale, such as every allegation ever made, documents, reports and other files being centrally collected and disseminated is in fact, collecting and disseminating intelligence on private citizens on a centrally located network.

So what safeguards go with this intelligence gathering network? 


Remember, this is the no oversight judicial branch who can do with that information anything they deem useful. Respectfully submitted: CCMS’s capabilities represent the ultimate in intelligence gathering and dissemination tools on private citizens.

You want a good reason to kill CCMS? Consider its capabilities. Then sue the AOC in federal court over privacy concerns.

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