The January Axiom

Posted on January 25, 2011


The January axiom is an effective means of slashing government budgets. The theory of the January axiom is simple. Look at what a government agency spends in January of any given year which lands six months before the end of the year. Then analyze the year end spending habits of the agency in question between the months of May and June of the previous year, subtract two times the amount spent in January of that same year and lop the excess off the budget. The January axiom represents a more accurate portrayl of the budgetary needs of any California government agency. How would the January axiom add up in the California’s judicial branch across all levels?

If Jerry Brown chose to evaluate every expenditure in the state based on the January axiom, how much budgetary savings could be derived and how many pet projects would die? What would be the impact to state government spending as a whole? How about in your department – how much savings would be derived by avoiding the year-end spending spree most California government agencies engage in?