Justice Carlos Moreno, Judge Tim Fall – Thank you for your service

Posted on January 22, 2011


Justice Carlos Moreno announced he is stepping down from the California Supreme Court. We don’t know what he will do with himself but we here at Judicial Council Watcher wish him well. You get nothing but thumbs up from JCW and a thank you for your service.

CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates is a program that provides representation to the most vulnerable of society; foster children. CASA relies largely on donations from good people like you to provide these badly needed services for children who would otherwise be warehoused and forgotten. In Yolo County, Claudean Medlock was the executive director of the Yolo County CASA where she embezzled some $46,000.00 from an important program already on a shoestring budget. A plea agreement was worked out between the DA and the PD based on an unreliable DOJ rap sheet that would have likely set Ms. Medlock free on probation. Generally, I think when someone works in a program like this and they abuse the public trust, find the largest passenger laden bus you can find and toss them under it. So it was refreshing to hear that Tim Fall rejected the plea agreement in the interests of justice. In doing so, he earns my personal thanks and Yolo CASA earns a $100.00 donation from JCW.  When you consider what you’re willing to donate, please consider the local CASA program in your county.  Tim Fall – Thank you for your service.