Jerry Brown’s Judicial Branch budget proposal cuts $200 million in trial court funding

Posted on January 11, 2011


Jerry Brown released his budget proposal yesterday and its not good news for the trial courts. Governor Brown proposes to take $200 million dollars from the trial courts by appropriating that much less to the judicial branch. Additionally, he proposes a 10% pay cut for workers that are not covered by collective bargaining agreements. No AOC employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements so it appears what King George and Mini-mimi giveth AOC employees, the Governor intends to taketh away, plus an additional 6.5%.

Now do you believe for a second that the AOC and the Judicial Council aren’t going to try to send a message to Sacramento by screwing with our trial courts some more while building 5 billion dollars worth of empty courthouses and designing a computer program that costs more man hours than it saves? Governor Brown makes the same assumption that his predecessors did – that the legislature does not make line-item appropriations for the trial courts; that the leadership of the judicial branch are those who know best how to distribute those cuts. And who is the leadership of California’s judicial branch?

Last I heard, it was still Bill Vickery.

The most interesting tidbit in the Governors proposal is that it calls the judicial branch on the carpet indicating that the judicial branch has made no effort to reduce their expenses and has relied on one time fixes to get by year after year.

Obviously the ACJ and the trial courts are absent from these discussions.

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