The sham RFP is accomplishing its intended purpose

Posted on January 10, 2011


JCW has been in contact with some of our friends in the contracting world. Seems that the latest RFP for a “service provider” with an approximate contract value of a half of a billion dollars is not worth the 400+ hours to submit a qualifying bid. One contractor totaled up a list of 25 companies in the state that were qualified to maintain buildings. Not a single one of those companies is bidding OCCM’s RFP.  

The word on the street is that there is no sense in bidding this because its already going to be awarded to the current service provider and as a result, dumping 400+ man hours into creating a qualifying bid isn’t worth the hassle. To placate possible bidders, the AOC has been quietly clarifying the RFP to interested parties yet has not withdrawn the RFP in its entirety. Other qualified contractors don’t wish to complain because complaining contractors get blacklisted by the AOC from performing any of their work.

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