New Years Resolutions for California’s Judicial Branch

Posted on January 1, 2011


First order of the day – JCW sincerely wishes you all a happy, safe and prosperous new year.

I figure this thread should be about new years’ resolutions for California’s judicial branch. While I have a list of my own resolutions, I believe those who serve in the trenches can come up with a few key resolutions of their own that would serve to improve things like transparency, accountability, access, and fairness in California’s judicial branch. With that being said, let’s build a list of resolutions in an effort to seek redress from systems that exist only because we as citizens permit them to. Feel free to add a resolution to the thread or drop me an email at Tonight, I will begin assembling the list of judicial branch resolutions and edit this post and build upon this list of resolutions throughout the week.

Resolution No 1. All judges and court employees/appointees shall follow the laws of the United States of America and the State of California.

Resolution No. 2. Bad apples shall be promptly removed so they don’t spoil the whole branch.

Resolution No. 3. Dead wood will be pruned and weeds will be pulled.

Resolution No. 4. Lessons from the past will be learned by heart so that history does not repeat itself. Judicial oppression and corruption is abhorred and will be ferociously attacked and exposed – not respected.

Resolution No. 5: Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s plant and nurture new seeds of truth and justice, give those who deserve it the benefit of the doubt and then reap what we sow.

Resolution No. 6: Judges shall rule based upon the facts and the law, not personal interests, personal preferences, feuds, friendships, politics, debts owed, or other legally irrelevant factors.

Resolution No. 7: Down with AOC bureaucracy, up with fiscal responsibility.

Resolution No. 8: Integrity, honesty, fiscal responsibility and good work in the branch shall be encouraged and rewarded at all levels.