Did JCW readers prod the AOC into doing the right thing?

Posted on December 4, 2010


On November 16th I posted an article blasting the AOC’s decision to extend the contracts of the previously unlicensed contractors without legitimate competition for them. At the start of December, the AOC announced that an RFP was put up on courtinfo to do just that. I’ve taken the liberty to forward the RFP to construction and engineering experts to weigh in on the RFP so that I can report back to you on it. 

What immediately stands out to them is that this is a ten year winner take all contract in each of the three service areas and that no one company can provide all of the services listed without working as part of a coalition of other service providers or subcontracting everything out to others.

They laughed when they saw that the AOC was actually asking for cost plus rates in the RFP and suggesting that the AOC believes they might be able to save money by choosing this option and pointedly asked “Did the idiots that produced this thing just leave war zone contracting in the middle east?” 

I should have a few more comments about this flawed RFP by the end of the week but in the meantime, I wish to see others weigh in on it. What do you think about the aoc’s new “conceptual delivery of services” to which we will be married to for the next 10 years?

Since this thing “wasn’t vetted or put out for public comment” I figure this is as good of a place as any to vet the proposal and comment on it.