Thirty days to preserve a legacy

Posted on December 2, 2010


There’s been lots of talk about a new chief justice continuing the work on “The house that George built”.

If George should walk away at the end of the year without addressing the billion dollar stimulus fund debacle,  the unlicensed contractor debacle, the courthouse cost debacle and the CCMS debacle and start righting the house that George built, Mr. George will be passing the baton of public corruption and walk away with unclean hands.

It is also incumbent on Justice Cantil-Sakauye to resist the handoff of the baton of public corruption so that her hands are untainted, for many of these facts will be unfolding early on in her administration and she must not blindly rely on the AOC who has led George astray.

The choice of leaving any legacy at all is up to Chief Justice George himself and his action or inaction in his next 30 days in office. Should the new justice continue on the house that George built on its current foundation, she is apt to have her administration crippled by versions of the truth, unable to be an important voice in Sacramento.

Chief Justice George – Demand and accept the resignations of all AOC directors. Your organization will get by quite well with the fresh meat of idealism and a can-do attitude of those below who have been denied promotion. In the last 5 years of the Fuentes HR Administration, many reorgs have created mid-level management positions and the  jobs have been given to cronies without legitimate competition for them. Eliminate all those mid-level management positions and the questionably qualified cronies hired to fill them.

Clean the House that George built before you leave it.

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