Other litigation coming to a courthouse near you…

Posted on November 30, 2010


Jon Wintermayer was the facilities director in the Contra Costa County court system up until such time that Michael Paul went public with his allegations of fraud, waste and abuse involving AOC personnel and the unlicensed contractors. Shortly after Michael Paul went public with his allegations, Mr. Wintermayer was placed on administrative leave by Kiri Torre pending an investigation. After several months on administrative leave and an inconclusive investigation, the Contra Costa County courts released Mr. Wintermayer from his position.

And what was Mr. Wintermayer’s high crime for which he lost his job?

Mr. Wintermayer worked with Michael Paul of the AOC on a couple of court related OCCM projects and was working with him on the East Contra County Court project when he was “placed on administrative leave pending an investigation” Mr. Wintermayer’s boss Kiri Torre and Mr. Paul’s manager Michael Derr also happen to have and maintain a close working relationship.

The real reason they got rid of Mr. Wintermayer? While Mr. Paul and Mr. Wintermayer had not compared notes about the gross overcharging of “Team Jacobs” they had both been very vocal about the incompetence and overcharging to both court and OCCM management. Since then. they have shared and I have been privileged to review hundreds of damaging documents which I will be publishing online shortly as soon as I choose the publishing medium.  Documents that will clearly indicate a criminal conspiracy between the AOC and “Team Jacobs”.

Mr. Wintermayer is a professional engineer and is legally allowed to run a government construction operation in the stead of a contractor. A couple of years ago, a few rooms needed to be converted to new temporary courtrooms. The Team Jacobs estimate for this work was $750.000.00 to convert each room. The Jon Wintermayer estimate for the same work was less than $115,000.00. The project manager for OCCM was a woman named Tiffany Martindale who has since left AOC employment, partly in disgust of unreportable fraud, waste and abuse. (a formal correction of the record- JCW) While her managers would tell her that “Team Jacobs” would be doing the conversion work, she took a chance on Mr. Wintermayer and Mr. Wintermayer delivered the project under his own projected budget. “Team Jacobs” and OCCM senior management wanted no part of this incursion into their territory and at first, tried to hire Jon away from the court. When he balked however, the AOC awarded the second court set build at their much higher price tag to their unlicensed contractor and the journey from there was straight down hill with OCCM removing him from a facilities mods oversight committee where he was both critical and vocal about the substandard overpriced work. When Kiri Torre was moved out to Contra Costa, she cleaned house and got rid of anyone critical of the AOC.

Christi McMahon was the IT person for the Southern Regional Office of the AOC. She was fired for blowing the whistle on key logging software being loaded on her computer, compromising the passwords of every AOC administrator and engineer that used that system.

These are likely two other actions against the AOC that are being put in the litigation breach. While certain entities may not comment on pending or impending litigation, I think the judiciary could take a more active role in ensuring that the AOC isn’t screwing the taxpayers and playing games with peoples lives. Most especially when they are simply trying to do the right thing by the branch.