The walls of shame and the halls of fame

Posted on November 29, 2010


While not as prestigious as a crystal gavel award, Judicial Council Watcher is going to be looking for stories, people, places and events that promote or detract from change.

First up on the walls of shame is Mr. William Vickery and his sidekick tonto  Mr. Ron Overholt and the balance of the AOC directors that turned their backs on ARRA funds. 

Someone gave you all entirely too much power and made you accountable to no one.

Since you all figured that having 5 billion dollars of penalty assessment flesh to take out of the average Californian with no transparency or accountability strings attached was better than having over 6 billion dollars that required that you be both transparent and accountable, you should all tender your resignations, for the loss of those federal funds was far more costly than all of the financial shenanigans of Bell, California. Why major media has not honed in on this and why the citizens or even the two judges associations have not run you out of office is beyond me. You all have outlived your welcome and its time for you to all move along. I could go on and on about firing whistleblowers, $150.00 to change a lightbulb, $1,000.00 to lower a flag to half-mast and another $1,000.00 to raise it the next day or overcharging the local courts for the services you provide them that makes you cash rich and them cash poor but I’ll spare you the drama. The number one reason every AOC director should tender their resignations is that they wasted an opportunity to fund their ambitious agenda with over a billion dollars that would have and could have been handed to them to fund it.

I’d like a hall of fame recipient. Know anyone who has worked towards transparency and accountability in the judicial branch? Tell us their story.