A continued call for a moratorium means how fast can the AOC obligate all of those construction funds?

Posted on November 22, 2010


Several independent sources are confirming that since the AOC has a strong belief that their construction funding will be targeted possibly as soon as the upcoming special budget session and that the Judicial Council and the AOC is racing against the clock to obligate as much of the construction funding as they can for all 42 projects on the books.

Many of these projects are several years out from breaking ground. It is further being alleged again by several sources that other projects, whose designs are incomplete are being rushed out to bid to lock in the funding for them knowing that future change orders will blow their project budgets.

This information has been supplied to because most everyone disagrees with this management approach as being very short-sighted. The people of the AOC working on these projects are over extended already and cannot accommodate more projects being stuffed in an already over capacity pipeline.

The question remains as to if local court and county personnel can actually man these new courthouses. Where there’s a replacement, for the most part yes they can. Where there is an additional courthouse, in many cases there is no funding to man the new courthouses. Not from the state and not from the local county. 

So should we really be building twenty million dollar buildings out in the middle of nowhere to serve a few thousand people at most?