How about that court construction & facilities maintenance audit?

June 30, 2015


The Judicial Council and their predecessor AOC started being watched by watchers when they started shutting down courtrooms and laying people off while building even more courtrooms our beleaguered courts could not afford to staff. First out of the chute was a “model courthouse serving the needs of two counties” called the Plumas-Sierra regional courthouse. […]

Judicial Council Committee Abandons Proposed Rule Change

June 19, 2015


We recently reported that the Judicial Council’s Executive and Planning Committee hastily tried to ratify a rule change that would have transferred oversight responsibilities for trial court spending from the Council’s most representative advisory body, the Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee (TCBAC), to the moribund and reclusive Advisory Committee on Financial Accountability and Efficiency.  We […]

Citation Debt: What’s really needed is a new approach.

May 26, 2015


Over the past twenty years we’ve transformed a system of infraction based fines into a cycle of poverty. As it is now, it used to be that you had to pay the 35 dollar fine before you could contest your citation. Then the legislature started tacking on penalty assessments to fund every social cause near […]

Judicial Council Power Grab Threatens Its Most Transparent Committee

May 19, 2015


May 19, 2015 The Judicial Council and its staff are seeking to amend a rule of court to take authority for decision making regarding the allocation of trial court funds from the Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee (TCBAC), instead giving it to the Judicial Council’s Committee on Accountability and Efficiency (A&E Committee). This is the […]

Bernie Sanders for President

May 1, 2015


Join us in leading America to economic stability through fair taxation and energy independence by donating generously to Bernie Sanders for President.

Curtis Child’s goodbye – Courtesy of the White House

April 22, 2015


On April 20th, 2015 Executive Director Martin Hoshino announced via email that Curtis Child, one of the chief henchmen responsible for the getting the legislature to underwrite the shenanigans of 455 Golden Gate Avenue was moving over to a “national firm” where he would continue his advocacy of the California Courts. Some rumors are circulating […]


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