Bernie Sanders for President

May 1, 2015


Join us in leading America to economic stability through fair taxation and energy independence by donating generously to Bernie Sanders for President.

Curtis Child’s goodbye – Courtesy of the White House

April 22, 2015


On April 20th, 2015 Executive Director Martin Hoshino announced via email that Curtis Child, one of the chief henchmen responsible for the getting the legislature to underwrite the shenanigans of 455 Golden Gate Avenue was moving over to a “national firm” where he would continue his advocacy of the California Courts. Some rumors are circulating […]

State Court Funds Are Drying Up

April 20, 2015


Brace yourselves for another round of budget cuts. Our trial courts get their money from a patchwork of funds and accounts, each of which is designated for certain often vaguely defined purposes, and each of which has its own set of revenue sources. Two of these funds are in big trouble—and so are we. At […]

Alliance Backs Bill for Court Reporters in Key Cases

April 17, 2015


Alliance Backs Bill for Court Reporters in Key Cases Dear California Media, Most of us are trial court judges. We have a deep appreciation for the work that court reporters perform. We know that transcripts protect rights. Transcripts clarify complex and subtle rulings. Transcripts preserve testimony; without them, valid grounds for appeal are lost. Transcripts […]

The Alliance Responds to the Chief Justice’s State of the Judiciary Address

March 26, 2015


On Monday, the Chief Justice gave her fourth State of the Judiciary address. Her remarks were brief, her tone subdued. In marked contrast with last year’s speech, she did not demand large sums from the Legislature, nor did she decry at length the crisis in our courts. Instead, she spoke about the Magna Carta and […]

If the insiders repeat it enough we will actually believe it?

March 18, 2015


You probably noticed that the insiders on the judicial council, save a few blowhards like judge David Rosenberg who basically framed the latest audit report as a pack of lies were unusually quiet leading up to the legislative hearing. It was only after the hearing that we see other press reports that suggest that the […]


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